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SharePoint Column/View Permission provides the ability to secure access to individual columns in list views or document libraries, making it an ideal solution for consolidating a broad spectrum of information into a centralized location without exposing secured data to unauthorized users. After configuring permissions for a SharePoint list view, only authorized users will see the content of a secure column as if it were a normal column, while unauthorized users will not see the content of the column at all. Column/View Permission also offers the ability to set individual columns as "read-only" in any list view, so that information can be viewed, but not edited, by users. With SharePoint Column/View permission, you can also assign form-level permissions for the "create new item", "edit item" and "view item" forms, allowing you to hide specific fields completely, or restrict them to read-only access so users can see them, but cannot make changes. Now you can create custom forms for different employees, departments, and roles to streamline the data-entry process while at the same time limiting access to information. View-level permission settings in Column/View Permission control whether SharePoint list views are visible, read-only or hidden. By setting a default permission level for each view in a SharePoint list, you can ensure that your confidential information is accessible only to those whom you have granted access - selecting "hidden" as your default view permission level means that new user accounts created will not have access to any views unless you specifically grant them access permission, while read-only will allow users to view list contents but not make any changes. Administrators and list owners can manage field-level access to items in a SharePoint list with conditions, so that the values of other fields in the same list or even fields from other SharePoint lists can determine access rights.

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